With the Indian Government issuing new guidelines to follow, the facility management now face extraordinary challenges and are under twice as much pressure to ensure that health and safety measures are followed by the workforce without disruption.

The deep cleaning processes currently adopted by companies aren't enough to ensure a 100% success rate and are under constant review. The pressure on the Facility is to have an emergency plan ready, both in terms of prevention as well as containment in case of infection.

Regular temperature checks are being conducted; chemicals such as Diluted Hydrogen Peroxide, UV-C light sanitization, Ozone sanitizers, Peroxyacetic Acid etc are used to ensure safety. However, are these methods safe?

Can they cause health issues in the longer run if exposed to them frequently?
How many of the chemicals used are FDA approved?
Are there any drawbacks of the approved chemical solutions?

With small and medium size businesses also resuming work, are sanitization solutions sold in the market cost effective?
The Senior Management needs to ensure that they find the right balance between managing and training the workforce as well as ensuring that their business continuity plans work.

In order to stay one step ahead of the constantly changing rules and regulations, Senior Leaders need to create an action plan with the coordinated effort of the Facility Management Team.

Focus Points

Decontaminating and sterilizing reusable items the right way: What is the right method, policies and procedures that must be followed
Finding the right balance: Too much cleaning v/s too less cleaning - What is the right technique and procedure to follow?
Adhering to government guidelines 4.0, 5.0 … - Keeping up with the changing government protocols
What are the factors that if implemented can raise risk?
Communication and clear guidelines with the staff: What must be included in the training process to ensure implementation of hygiene measures.
Are fumigations helpful? What are the health risks involved in the longer run if the same chemicals are sprayed repeatedly on employees?
Guidelines that small and mid-size organizations need to follow to ensure business continuity- How is it different from large scale organizations?
What is the plan of action for large workspaces: Is micromanagement required?
Enforcing the importance of Personal Protective Equipment: Creating a strictly controlled safe environment for the workforce
Pandemic Preparedness Plan: What is the next step of your contingency strategy?

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Harini Sreenivasan

Affiliate Partner

Semcostyle Institute India

Eapen Matthew

Head Business Services

Raymond Limited

Dr. Abhijit Sarkar

Vice President & Country Head-Corporate Real Estate, Administration & Infrastructure


Subroto Mukherjee

Head FM, Administration & Security

Cipla Ltd.

Vinay Kumar Srivastava

Vice President - Procurement , Real Estate and Administration

Blue Dart Express Ltd.

Pushpa Dsouza

Sr Vice President -Facilities /IT

Global infrastructure Partners India LLP

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